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Our transition to Kubernetes

As a short into we want to tell you all about Kubernetes and how it has affected our workflow in a serious and positive way. It has helped us with a great way of rolling upgraded from our CI and more!

In short, Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform to run, scale and run your deployed image (and even more!)

Why use Kubernetes at DALTCORE?
Thats a pretty legit question. The reason we chose Kubernetes was just a small thought flare. We wanted to do something with images and scaling. In the beginning we thought of setting up a simple Docker Swarm, but that did not help us out that much. So we choose for Kubernetes, which can provide us with easy management of nodes, pods, persistent volumes and monitoring. 

How do we run Kubernetes?
We run our Kubernetes stack on 3 separate locations. Our main node and load balancer are located in Nuremberg, Germany and the other control / workers are spead in Nuremburg, Falkenstein and Helsinki. This way we have our infrastructure spread out and we have to worry less about placing everything in 1 datacenter.

How de we deploy our images?
We build our images in our GitLab server and via the GitLab CI we use kubectl to manage our rolling upgrade processes. 

What applications are managed by Kubernetes?
The page you're reading now is served by Kubernetes and also our customer pages are stored in our Kubernetes cluster.

What do we think about Kubernetes?
We're pretty happy about the system. It works flawless if you have the resources. If anything goes bad on your infra the Kubernetes platform will take care of it. It scales your images to another server and we can provision nodes on the fly. 
As far as I'm concerned, I don't want to go back. Kubernetes rolls DALTCORE.